Collegiate dream

It started with a dream,

A dream which I think most of us is dreaming

I have been living my life for 19 years with an end of mind.

Putting things into the perspective that somehow someday, I will be the best teacher in town.

When I was still a clumsy kid, even if until now I’m a bit clumsy,

I can picture out myself wearing toga on my elementary and high school graduation

But upon those wonderful images, there’s something I just can’t explain

A sudden fear deep deep down inside of me

College life

“Oh I wish I could go back to high school again” said my cousin

Which had given me the idea that college life is dreadful!

That you need to spent sleepless nights just to study for an exam

That you have to be away from your parents

And that you should have to cook for your own food, thrice a day!

The horror of surviving college

Was in fact the biggest fear a 9 year old clumsy kid once had

But life is ironic after all!

Spending my college life here in the university is a whale of a time!

The dice are not loaded against me

I have met people who became my family,

And I had been standing in an environment which had given me the opportunity to grow

I love college!

The four walls of the classroom have taught me to explore

The broken window panes have made me realize that

You should handle everything with care

I never really thought that college life could be this fun, challenging and worth remembering!

Once before, I never thought

That this could be the stepping stone in making my dream into reality.

It started with a dream

But life in college has taught me

 That I should never leave it to be just a dream

 I won’t be living in a dream

Rather I live with my dream because

It does not do well to dwell on dreams

And forget to live.


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