My Greatest Achievement in College: Breaking Away from the Cold Bars of Dependence

         Life is full of great achievements, you just got to have a positive mind to recognize it. Ever since I started schooling, my way of describing achievement lies with the number of medals hung on ones neck, or the number of stacked certificates of achievements and recognition. I always consider my academic achievements as my greatest accomplishments. But on the day I stepped into the hardest steep of the ladder of education which is college, my way of thinking become more mature and my concept of “my greatest achievement” drastically changed.

            It must have been a sweet dream coming true for a typical province boy to study for college at one of the big cities in the country, but it was a nightmare for me. I really like staying at big cities but having realized that I will ride cab for school alone and do things on my own dreaded me. I was never been exposed in the real world by myself before because my parents always accompany me every time transactions outside or even inside school came along. I even remember before when I was still in high school, I always forced my mother to go with me at the barber shop because I felt uneasy going there alone. I was always afraid of doing things alone. I was so dependent on my significant others.

            When I entered college, I was slapped with a lot of realizations. I have come to think of the great possibilities of caging myself inside the cold bar of dependence and won’t be able to break free. It was a paranoia. So I tried to lie to myself that everything would be alright, but the hidden fears that lie in the deepest of my being seemed to suffocate me, I need to break away. When all of these things collided inside my head, reality woke me up from the fantasy that I was in. I let everything to settle down first, thinking that what was happening to me was some sort of a shock and it’s normal. I tried to cope up with the new things and finally decided to leave my fears aside and start to live with a newly improved self.

            As of the moment, I am on my third year as a college student. With the ups and downs that I have experienced in college, I am more than proud to say that my greatest achievement so far is not that I have received an academic excellence award or even leadership award, but my biggest accomplishment so far is that I am able to improve myself and learned how to stand with my own feet. In college, I have become more independent. I am currently enjoying the experience of riding a cab alone, going to some places alone, buying things alone and going to the barbershop ALONE. It may seem so ordinary or typical achievement to someone but for me, it was the most beautiful laurel one could ever have.

            Indeed, life is full of greatest achievements, waiting to be unfold. The ability to choose whether that particular experience or thing is to be considered as one’s greatest achievement depends solely on how the person gives importance to it. Many of us think that greatest achievement is can be measured by academic performance, fame, money or even influence. But what we should always ought to remember is that those that are cannot be replaced by any amount of gold is the most precious treasure we could ever have in our lifetime.


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