Beautiful Nightmare

  You visited me in my dream once It was a pitch dark vision, but when your face was flashed I saw the brightest of all the stars in the night sky You altered my nightmare into a sweet dream I long to come true … You are a flying phoenix Raised from the ashes […]

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Under the Mulberry Tree

It was under the Mulberry tree Where two young lovers of Babylon were expected to meet And it seems like everything is finally falling into place For love has begotten love … Things had been a bit of a rough patch ever since they were born Their families’ curse bounded in every wall But on […]

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Collegiate dream

It started with a dream, A dream which I think most of us is dreaming I have been living my life for 19 years with an end of mind. Putting things into the perspective that somehow someday, I will be the best teacher in town. … When I was still a clumsy kid, even if […]

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