The man who played the love you set Has found a new half-witted pet …. You came into my life and made me see How life so colorful, when you are with me …. Loving you is quite so hard It bears red marks on my card …. When we share a seat My heart skips […]

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If I could

If I could just turn back time I will never do that crime Which I have committed when I wrote something with your pen . Such a feeling I can’t describe Words in my thoughts I can’t transcribe Holding your pen, line in the sand As if I am holding your hand . I am […]

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Once is… enough

Every time I see you coming closer My heart beats more, a hundred times faster You talked to me, I stammer and falter A lump  under my throat, I need water . Days had passed and still I can’t get over The first time I heard your precious laughter It is crispy and hot like an […]

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Life as I know it

  Encompassed by childish fears Life once filled me up with tears Though didn’t lasted for years Still I feel, sorrow it bears . But there are two things I learned about life To never give up, and don’t play with knife Keep moving on and be happy like me  Be free and be the […]

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